Australian tour: After teaching the Singapore super seminar @evolvemma November 5-10 and cornering Garry Tonon for his third fight at @onechampionship MMA, I will go to see family and in Australia – hopefully avoiding local wildlife. I am delighted to be able to join my old friend and Aussie Jiu Jitsu icon John Donahue in Melbourne on November 11 Sunday at 2-5pm @johndonehuejj for system and Nemesis MMA @acsamelbourne Monday night for leg system. Then it’s to Sydney to see my dear Mom (Mum) and then teach a super seminar at @kmasalievski KMA martial arts – they have just announced another session as the first two day session was sold out – check with them to get in the next session if you missed out or feel like extra In between I shall join old at @vt1martialarts with Liam Resnekov and do what I can for local Jiu Jitsu scene. Can’t wait to see you all and catch up with Australia’s incredible growth in Jiu Jitsu! In the meantime I will get The squad ready and practice crocodile wrestling, snake catching, shark nose punching and kangaroo kick counters to ensure my while there See you all soon! PS day I’m going to have the time to get to New Zealand I promise!