On the road again: At JFK waiting for my flight to Singapore to help Garry Tonon prepare for his third MMA bout against Sung Jong Lee on November 9 for @onechampionship. Mr Tonon continues to impress me with his work ethic, creativity and drive towards his goal to excel in his new sport – but every gets tougher as an athletes climbs higher. This will be his first bout at a new of 155 pounds (his previous two bouts were at 170 – his actual daily weight). In addition I will be a five day super for @evolve gym on our approach to Jiu Jitsu. Hoping to create a bunch of leg breaking, neck strangling maniacs out there Then it’s on to Australia to see my beloved Mom and family and catch up with my Jiu Jitsu friends in Melbourne and Sydney. Australian grappling is really progressing so that should be exciting! As always I will miss NYC and my dear in the blue basement – but I will be back soon and can’t wait to see improvements when I return! Wishing you all the best from JFK – hard, train safe and train with a well crafted plan!