Versatility: Among the most versatile of all the major submission holds is KIMURA. it functions equally well as a submission in itself and as a gateway to other submissions and other positions, depending upon how it is used. Used as a submission it is arguably the most devastating of them all – it often results in total dislocation/ of the elbow in gruesome ways that instantly end bouts. As a gateway to the back it is one of the absolute best means of taking control of a scramble situation and turning it into a position such as back control. It is probably the most readily available of all the major submissions. Almost anytime your opponent reaches for you with his arm lower than yours – it’s on. As such, it is a true squad favorite. Here Garry Tonon uses a kimura variation primarily as a temporary tool to move into another position. By creating a viable submission threat he distracts his opponent from his real intentions. If his main move should fail he can always go back to the original kimura. to see kimura opportunities in scrambles and take of them whenever you can – you will immediately make yourself more to your opponent and create a dual threat between the kimura itself and the other possibilities it offers.