Victory in Singapore! Garry Tonon won his third MMA bout here in Singapore this evening to extend his unbeaten record. The match was spent mostly in standing position where Mr Tonon took time to his developing striking skills. At one point in the first round he suffered a cut under the eye – in Asia there is sometimes more pressure to stop fights when there is bleeding, so when the second round began he wisely began looking for the takedown. In a scramble on the floor he went to one of his greatest grappling strengths – front head system mastery. He made a quick entry to a high elbow guillotine – his Jung Song Lee skillfully got his back to the ground to stop the initial attack – but the great advantage of a based approach to submissions is the ability to get around resistance by going to the next step in the system. A second stab at the high elbow got the breakthrough and Mr Tonon won halfway through the second round. It has been just six months since Mr Tonon’s MMA debut – he only began his MMA training around four to five months prior to that debut. He has come a long way in a very short time. Here we all are after getting Mr Tonon’s cut nicely stitched by the @onechampionship medical staff. Wishing you all the best from Singapore! Hope you enjoyed the show!!