On the road again: Waiting for my flight to Melbourne at Changi International Airport – looking forward to at @johndonehuejj and @acsamelbourne and catching up with local Jiu Jitsu and my family It’s been a privilege to watch Garry Tonon’s development in MMA – it’s still early days but this hard working young man is making great strides in the worlds toughest sport. It is such a joy to come out to and be part of @onechampionship and see their growth as an organization and teach at @evolvemma gym and see people pick up on our approach to the sport. Can’t wait to return! Hope you all enjoyed the show! Make sure you tune in to @kasaigrappling for Gordon Ryan against the talented champion Matheus Diniz and up and coming Ethan Crelinsten and going in among some of the most highly ranked lightweights in the world in a tournament format! It’s going to be a great show! See you all in Melbourne!

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