New video instructional release today – ENTER THE SYSTEM -KIMURA: I am very happy to announce that BJJ Fanatics is releasing the next installment of my ENTER THE SYSTEM video instructional series today – KIMURA! Kimura plays a big role in our approach to Jiu Jitsu. We use it constantly as both a devastating in itself, or as a gateway to other such as back system, locks(juji gatame) or triangles (sankaku) or legs etc. It is arguably the most readily available of all the major systems – anytime an opponent reaches for you and your head an arms are higher than his – kimura is available- and in a sport where the whole idea is to get a hold of and grip them, that will happen a LOT! I have included a link in my Instagram bio above for those of you interested in buying the video from BJJ Fanatics – it will you a great insight into our approach to the Kimura game! As always, it is video whose main intent is to give you a deep training resource that you can come back to for years as a guide to training. It is much much longer than most instructionals as it is a systematic guide designed to take you from the moment you make contact with an opponent all the way to and offers a systematic approach to overcoming all manner of resistance along the way. As always there is a heavy emphasis on CONCEPTS that provide a GENERAL SENSE OF DIRECTION, juxtaposed with a great amount of precise that enable you to IMPOSE THAT DIRECTION on a tough opponent. Take charge of situations and create fear in your opponents with one of the most versatile and devastating of all the major holds – Kimura!