Reflections on Garry Tonon: ’s recent win in @onechampionship MMA fight takes him to 3-0 in around six to seven months of professional fighting. Even more remarkable is that his sum total of serious MMA training has just passed the eleven month mark. While he still has a long way to he has made incredible progress in that short time. An interesting thing to consider is this – prior to his fight, GARRY TONON HAD NEVER BEEN IN A FIGHT IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE. he never had a street fight, never fought even in school – THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE THREW BLOWS AT HIM WITH BAD INTENTIONS WAS HIS FIRST MMA FIGHT. Think about that – fighting is enough in itself but imagine your ever experience of someone trying to really hurt you is thousands of miles from home in front of twenty thousand with all your friends and family watching! I think it’s fair to say most people would melt under those circumstances. Yet Mr Tonon looked very relaxed and fluid despite zero experience. It’s easy to explain this in terms of character and say simply that Mr Tonon succeeded because HE HAS A GIANT SET OF BALLS. Fair point – he does. The real reason however, and one that is of the greatest importance to all of you now and for the rest of your lives is this – NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF THOROUGH TRAINING TO PREPARE YOU FOR EVENTS AND SITUATIONS THAT WOULD ORDINARILY CRUSH YOU. I don’t have faith in many things – BUT I HAVE LIMITLESS FAITH IN THE ABILITY OF TRAINING OVER TIME TO MAKE ORDINARY PEOPLE DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS. has remarkable personal courage – I will always be the person to say that – but much more important than his courage is HIS WILLINGNESS TO INVEST IN TRAINING TIME AND ENERGY SO THAT WINNING HABITS ARE BUILT. Let me tell you in all honesty a message that you must carry with you throughout your Jiu Jitsu career. WINNING HABITS WILL WIN YOU MORE FIGHTS IN A YEAR THAN COURAGE WILL IN A LIFETIME. You can neglect many things in your life and get away with it – but not your training #worksmarter&harder2win