guard position Jiu Jitsu – the essentials of grip, kuzushi (off balancing), distance management, and angle: The TECHNIQUES of bottom guard position in Jiu Jitsu are limitless and often overwhelming to learn – but the essential of the position are few in number and easy to understand. You must be able to secure an effective working GRIP upon your opponent, generate to open him up, manage distance well enough to create enough SPACE through framing to move effectively underneath him, create advantageous ANGLE to press an attack home. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the number of possibilities for technique, back to the concepts- ONLY WHEN THE GROUNDING ARE SATISFIED WILL THE TECHNIQUES BE POSSIBLE – so keep them at the forefront of your thinking and let the techniques take care of themselves in time. Here you can Ryan exhibit many of these essential guard to make a perfect entry into cross ashi garami from butterfly guard