Last day in Australia: It’s been a fantastic journey that began in Singapore cornering and seeing third win in MMA for @onechampionship while the super seminar for @evolvemma gym. Then on to Australia to see my dear Mom and family along with seminars for @johndonehuejj @acsamelbourne @vt1martialarts and @kmamartialarts – here i am teaching the last seminar – a night seminar at VT1 gym in Sydney. I was greatly impressed by the progress of Australian grappling. Far from the usual centers of grappling they are growing in skill and numbers. They a great enthusiasm and optimism into the which is already beginning to create champions with many more in the future I am sure. I am sad to leave – so many good people and good memories down here; but I am thrilled to get back home and get the basement fired up with action again. Tomorrow the long flight home and the mixed feelings of sadness and excitement at the airport. Thank you to everyone who came to the seminars – I hope you enjoyed a look at our approach to the sport and that it can help you get closer to your own goals and dreams.