Pleasant surprises: Most days at in the basement are pretty much the same – they have to be – all human greatness is predicated on the idea of routines that build over time. Without regularity and routine none of those attention getting skills would ever be developed. Every so often however, the gods of fate throw us a pleasant surprise. Today it was the arrival of one of my favorite people in all of MMA – Demian Maia. He came by to say hello and get a quick strength and conditioning workout. This incredible fellow carried the flag for Jiu Jitsu in MMA so brilliantly for so long – he will always have a special place in the heart of Jiu Jitsu players around the world. He arrived just as was beginning his MMA workout hence the nature of the photo. Exciting news from Mr Maia! He has plans to begin a podcast in Brazil starting early next year! A little known fact about Mr Maia is that he was a journalism major in University. He is thus well prepared to start a really outstanding podcast interviewing friends and figures from MMA – I would listen just hear him talk about his career and training stories! Anything else would just be bonus! Keep up to date with this great man @demianmaia and follow his fights and media work. The podcast will be in Portuguese but the YouTube version will feature subtitles So it was was not just a pleasant surprise for us – but with this news – a pleasant surprise for all of you too! Best of luck to this great man who did such a fine job of representing our sport in the cage – he hopes to again in the next in Brazil – that’s a I would never miss!