Sometimes you are just 100% f**ked: One of our training methods is to begin in poor position and work our way out to develop a good sense of submission resistance. It’s not easy to do this in a room of killers – so there is usually a lot tapping most days! Over the years I have seen some incredible escapes from seemingly hopeless situations – Garry Tonon earns his nickname “the slippery salmon” every day – he and pull semi miraculous escapes on a daily basis. When you play this however, there are going to be many times when you bite off more than you can chew and it’s wise to tap early and tap often. Here, lightweight Ethan Crelinsten heroically gets himself into a nightmare scenario with back system master Gordon Ryan. Mr Ryan rewards him by pinning not just one arm helplessly his back – but TWO! This creates the horrid result of complete defenselessness and at this point there is nothing to do but laugh and tap. Keeping a playful demeanor is important in this kind of training as there is potential for injury and dejection if you take it too seriously. Just do what Mr Crelinsten does – laugh and try again with a better plan next time. Remember – there will be days where you are the hammer but just as many when you are the nail. Those nail days will be much more manageable if you regularly being under severe pressure and have to work your way out of a minefield of submissions.