In a self interested world the only thing that will make someone interested in you is the scarcity and demand for whatever SKILLS you possess and which they find desirable. For most people the only way you can acquire and build those skills is PRACTICE. You can overlook or skimp over many things in your life but thing you cannot brush aside is your practice time. That must be sacred to you, for unless you are born with extraordinary good fortune – and the vast majority of us are not – it is only your SKILLS that make you valuable to other people and thus able to advance in life and it is only PRACTICE that creates skills. Remember too that all skills are highly PERISHABLE and that any diminishment in practice will soon result in diminishing skills. So if there is any time in your life that you should truly cherish and protect – it is your PRACTICE TIME – for that time will be the thing that takes you to your and dreams and keep you there. There will be a veritable horde of distractions, demands and interferences as you grow that will conspire to rob you of your practice time – that this is of the most robberies of them all as it will take from you the thing that can make you successful – your skills. Protect that time as you would your health, loves and savings for it is every bit as important.