Firas Zahabi in the basement! It was great to see my black belt student @firas_zahabi back on the mats today! Mr Zahabi is a truly remarkable fellow who has become of the foremost MMA coaches of the current era. He excels in all aspects of the game – we often speculate that if he had ever competed in MMA he would have wrecked a LOT of big names given what we see so often in training! Through all the years he has always had an abiding for Jiu Jitsu and often discusses advances we make in pure Jiu Jitsu and looks for adaptations to the world of MMA. Here he works entries to the from bottom with Nicky Ryan – himself just from the UK after his big win over the great Masakazu Imanari. Mr Zahabi is very inventive in MMA and tactics – but he is equally inventive in other aspects of the sport. He has developed a remarkable method of workout recovery called the “TimTam” @timtamrecovery which massages tired and sore muscles and gets MMA athletes in action during grueling training camps. Great to see him back on the mats and advancing every aspect of the sport he has done so much for