Organized Knowledge: I am sure that most of you are aware that a big part of my coaching style is to make Jiu Jitsu matches into KNOWLEDGE WARS where the idea is to create sophisticated systems around certain high percentage techniques where if the match can be forced towards those techniques you will have a decisive knowledge advantage over your opponent – even if the opponent may have more knowledge than you (acquired over a longer period of training time) overall. A big part of this approach is bound up with ORGANIZING your knowledge into ordered and simplified chunks that can be remembered under the stress of competition. Remember: ITS NOT HOW MUCH YOU KNOW THAT COUNTS, BUT HOW MUCH YOU CAN UNDER STRESS. I always encourage my and to categorize, refine and their knowledge as they into coherent forms. That is why we have names for every move and every variation of those moves and sequential applications of each. Here I am getting my presentation ready for the upcoming triangle (sankaku) instructional video – making sure nothing is unclear or omitted. Taking and making notes and check lists works for some people (I am one of them) but not for all. That’s fine, just make sure that whatever method you use allows you to recall quickly under stress – knowledge wars aren’t won by the forgetful or confused!!