Start with the head: always talk about good posture when a closed guard. It’s important to actually define what good posture consists of. There are different you can use to open a closed guard, but the standard methods that work well in a wide array of situations almost always begin with FREEING YOUR HEAD. Most of your opponents will always try to subvert your posture by controlling your head. It is crucial that you begin the process by freeing your so that YOUR HEAD CAN LEAD THE WAY TO STRONG POSTURE THAT CAN ENABLE YOU TO OPEN YOUR OPPONENTS GUARD. Look how Gordon Ryan has taken inside with his hands so that he can free his head from the tenacious of Georges St-Pierre. Mr St-Pierre has to settle for an grip (still very useful) and you can see Mr Ryan’s head beginning to rise – highly desirable if you wish to stand up and open the closed guard. This is something you can practice every day. Have a partner your head and fight to get your hands inside and head free – your first step in learning to get up to your feet and open your opponents closed guard.