Angle and alignment: Jiu Jitsu is a game of prerequisites. UNLESS THOSE PREREQUISITES ARE SATISFIED, THE END RESULT YOU SEEK WILL ELUDE YOU. In the case of the front triangle (Omote Sankaku), quite a bit has to happen before the stranglehold is established. Two of the most important elements are ANGLE and ALIGNMENT. The more you position yourself at a perpendicular angle the easier you will be able to capture your opponent in a well locked triangle – particularly important for those of you (like me ) who have short legs. Another key element of the ALIGNMENT OF YOUR LOWER LEGS PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL LOCKING OF THE TRIANGLE. You want both of your lower legs POINTING IN THE SAME DIRECTION. Failure to do so makes it easy for a wary opponent to posture up and out of your lock. Look how Nicky Ryan, a young master of the triangle, works on both angle and alignment as he drills in the blue basement – in this example the alignment is so good the strangle is taking effect before he even locks his legs. So when you fight from guard and you your opportunity to enter this great attack – think about the need for angle in your hips and upper and alignment of your lower legs – soon your guard will be a veritable danger zone for your opponents!