Very happy to announce the release today of my latest Jiu Jitsu instructional video – the fifth installment of the ENTER THE series – THE TRIANGLE with BJJ Fanatics. I cover the use of the five main versions of the triangle with heavy emphasis of the king of triangles – the front triangle. I show how I teach them to the squad and how they use them in competition. This is among the most important of the we employ – both as a control mechanism and a match ender. It is among the most representative of all Jiu Jitsu techniques as it pits the strength of our hips and legs and the opponents and arm – a fine example of strength asymmetry that allows smaller, weaker people to defeat bigger stronger people. I strongly emphasize triangle training in my classes at all skill levels. It not only increases rates across the board but more importantly heavy triangle training will GET STUDENTS IN THE HABIT OF GRAPPLING WITH THE LEGS RATHER THAN UPPER BODY – the single biggest step in speeding development in Jiu Jitsu athletes. I hope to see you working hard on your triangles and matching your against your opponents upper bodies! There is a link to BJJ Fanatics website in my Instagram bio if you are interested wishing you all the best in your triangle development!