Linking systems: You all know the basic insight behind my coaching philosophy – BJJ is a systems based approach to unarmed combat. Classical BJJ is a 2-6 step system depending upon the circumstances of the fight (the simplest and easiest rendition to is the four step version I outlined on the Joe Rogan podcast). My approach is to refine this by adding within that overall system to increase athlete performance in high value domains and lower learning times. Best of all is when athletes learn to link those subsystems together to create devastating attack sequences that are very difficult to stop. Here, talented junior squad member Frank Rosenthal links back, triangle and Kimura systems in a beautiful display to take a fine submission win over the weekend. This is how I want you thinking about your technique- rapid but controlled application of movements you know so well that the application looks as natural as breathing. Stopping even one well practiced submission system is difficult – stopping all six in unison is EXTREMELY difficult.