The mount: One of the most cherished positional pins of Jiu Jitsu is doubtless the mounted position. It is a formidable platform for entering submission and even more formidable when striking is permitted. It (along with the rear mount) is the zenith of the Jiu Jitsu positional hierarchy. As such, there is a natural tendency among beginners to see the mount as a place to get to and STAY. This thinking is understandable as it it considered by most as the king of positions. However, I always coach my students to value transitions BETWEEN pins as more valuable in a context than the pins themselves. and EXTENSION are the essential prerequisites of submissions. If you get to a pin and remain static, submissions will be difficult. Try moving around from pin to pin – don’t see the mount as a pinnacle from which you cannot move for fear of lowering your value. See it as a good pin among other options and learn to in and out of it as the quest for and extension demand. You will soon find that submissions start opening for you a lot more frequently than when you get mounted and just try to stay there come what may. Here, Gordon Ryan uses a loose chest over chest positional strategy to encourage movement which he will follow to open up submissions