Heading back to NYC: Sad to leave Texas. It was a great weekend with @gordonlovesjiujitsu giving of his gutsiest performances to take tight victory that was fought down to the last seconds while carrying an injury. Mr Ryan and I taught an awesome seminar at @gracieonejiujitsu I did the demonstrations while an incapacitated Mr Ryan went through a great question and answer session with the attendees where he showed the tremendous depth of his knowledge in Jiu Jitsu and training. It was a real pleasure connecting with the Dallas Jiu Jitsu people and showing our way of doing things. Can’t to come back to the Lone Star State. Congratulations to Mr Ryan and his great opponent João Gabriel Rocha for of the best matches of the year. Congratulations also to @kasaigrappling for putting on another awesome show – these guys are taking grappling in all the right directions. And thank you to the fans in Texas and our gracious hosts here in Dallas who made it such a pleasure to come here and show some squad style Jiu Jitsu Now I’m waiting at Dallas/Fort Worth for my flight back to NYC tomorrow I return to the basement – lots more goals to reach for all of us – let’s get to work!