Leading by example: Yesterday was an incredible day of success for the squad juniors at ADCC West Coast trials with two golds and a silver medal along with other outstanding performances from other athletes that did not medal but show great potential for the future. I wanted to say a big thank you to squad seniors @gordonlovesjiujitsu and @garrytonon who assisted me through twelve hours of coaching. Mr Ryan is wearing a knee brace and stoically limped from mat to mat to help coach. Mr Tonon is in camp for his next MMA bout but set time aside to come out and help. coached brilliantly and helped take the squad through to one of its best showings. Both came out on their own time and expense to help the team. Nothing inspires like example and these two out of their way to help build a team culture that builds a roomful of talent rather than an individual. I am blessed to have students like this. Some you know, many you don’t; but to paraphrase an old saying – IT TAKES A ROOM TO BUILD A CHAMPION. Thank you to my whole room and thank you Garry and Gordon.