Beautiful day in LA: After the excitement of yesterday’s ADCC trials today I taught a big seminar at my good friend and comrade Shawn Williams school @5starmartialarts I went over the relationship between arm bar (juji gatame) system and leg system. It was a pleasure seeing people from all over come in and develop their together. I got to my Armenian Sevak Magakian and Karen Darabedyan who competed against us with and distinction in the past. They came with their legendary sensei Gokor Chivichyan and dis very well with the drills. Now I’m at LAX waiting for my plane for the lonely red eye flight to NYC. Arriving at 5:30am – straight to to teach the morning then teach all day and then the night class in the Bronx. Looking forward to seeing my students again but always miss LA when I leave. Wishing you all the best! Photo @Jeffreyschu