Gordon Ryan guard passing video release today!! will release the the best No Gi guard passing instructional ever made today. Gordon Ryan has meticulously put together our approach to No Gi guard passing featuring all of his own innovative additions and special tweaks that he has used to dominate his opponents guards at the highest levels of competition. Passing guard in the blue basement, where everyone is a dangerous locker, requires that in addition to being able to pass, you must also be able to shut down at the same time. Also, much of our grappling is grappling for MMA, where there is a constant danger of opponents standing up on you as you attempt to pass, so a big part of our focus is on guard passing methods that ensure an is kept down as we to work. Also, we began our journey in submission only tournaments where guard passing scores nothing – so we had to create many submission attacks as we passed and play a based around the dual threat of passes and submission. Mr Ryan’s video reflects these four demands. He has created a passing that:
1 – Will get you passing the guards of all your peers in record time
2 – will shut down lock dangers as you do it
3 – will make it exceedingly difficult for opponents to stand up as you do it
4 – will make you a dangerous passer who can simultaneously create submission threats as you pass.