bars from bottom – GET HEAVY ON THE HEAD: Arm bars (juji gatame) are among the most versatile weapons in Jiu Jitsu – being effective gi and no gi, standing or ground, top or bottom position. When performing them from underneath the problems you run into will always be stacking and posturing up and away. Both reactions, if done well, can subvert your ability to finish your bar. Both reactions start with head position. It is crucial therefore, that you get HEAVY ON YOUR OPPONENTS HEAD WITH YOUR in order to prevent head movement (stacking) or up and away head movement (postural escapes). Look at Nicky Ryan finishing a beautiful juji gatame bar variation that involves covering the head for extra weight over the head and a very finish. Next time you juji gatame from bottom position really emphasize getting heavy on your opponents head as he begins to resist and watch your finishing percentages rise with this classic Jiu Jitsu finishing hold.