Very pleased to announce the release of the latest and last installment of the worlds most popular martial arts video instructional series – ENTER THE SYSTEM: ARM BAR (juji gatame). The arm bar is highly representative of the ideals of Jiu Jitsu – it uses the power of the legs and hips to fight against an opponent’s head and arm – and so allows smaller players to overcome bigger and stronger opponents. It is equally effective gi and no gi, in grappling and fighting, from both top and position. Its central feature is its great control in a perpendicular that gives easy access to arm locks, strangles (switching to triangles) and leg locks (switching down stairs to variations of ashi garami). This makes it a devastating weapon in the hands of a well trained athlete – fully capable of ending a match in a moments notice when done well. As always thank you to all my instructors and mentors, to my many outstanding students whose brilliant exploits and hard made the world notice the power of a systems based approach to submission holds and training, and to all you, my readers and followers who have taken an interest in our approach to the kingly arts of Jiu Jitsu and MMA. Thank you also to @bjj.fanatics for all their help in getting my teachings out to the world and joining my vision of changing the nature of video instruction in martial arts into a truly viable supplement to orthodox methods of instruction and learning that can speed progress and offer new ways of looking at the sport rather than simply offering a small set of tricks. The link to the video is in my Instagram bio above. Wishing you all the best – work hard on your arm bars! They represent one of the most valuable combat skills you can ever learn and are big part of our Jiu Jitsu ideal – YOUR BODY AS A WEAPON – YOUR OPPONENTS WHOLE BODY AS A TARGET!

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