Six systems – feel the power: With the release of the arm bar (juji gatame) video, the ENTER THE SYSTEM series is complete. It might seem odd that I teach only six submission systems, Back attack system, system, front headlock system, Kimura system, triangle system and juji gatame system; afterall, there a vast number of other submission out there. When it comes to submissions i use three criteria for selection. First, which moves are truly high percentage? Are they used repeatedly by at all levels, all weight classes in all formats? Second, do they as a whole allow you to attack the entire body? Third, can they be put into highly developed sequential systems that enable you to punch through the toughest defenses and resistance at championship level? Judged in this light you will see that the number of submissions to be selected now shrinks dramatically. My coaching philosophy is always to focus on a select few very moves and create great DEPTH of knowledge around those, rather than superficial knowledge of a vast BREADTH of moves whose effectiveness in competition is questionable. When my students go out to compete I am always very confident that the six systems we practice will them a big firepower advantage in submission skill and range. They have enough submissions to cover THE WHOLE BODY with a depth and sophistication that will make them VERY DIFFICULT TO STOP. As Thanos strapped on six infinity gems to gain his powers – add these six submission systems to gain your powers on the mat!