First workout in the land of the rising sun: Garry Tonon gets a nice shoot boxing workout after the long flight to at a local Golds Gym – impressive to that in even the body building gyms have martial arts area Tomorrow we will use a real martial arts gym but this was perfect as a first late night workout to jet lag and get moving. It’s always adapting a workout to a new environment – even more so when its a new country! we get a chance to some of this grand city of lights as we head back to the hotel in a cab. This nation is so impressive – physically small and with very few natural resources other than a highly disciplined, education and research oriented, unified and motivated population they rebuilt and reinvented themselves soon after the total catastrophe of World War 2 to become the second or third largest economic power in the world – a truly remarkable feat that we can all draw inspiration from in our own bid to grow and prosper.