Heading back from gym – Tokyo train: Taking the train back to Shinagawa Station after another great for @garrytonon for @onechampionship I am extremely impressed by the Japanese people and the city of Tokyo. It is deeply impressive to observe how well mannered and courteous everyone is. I have never seen a people so committed to their work – literally every interaction I have had with local workers, from Hotel staff to a cashier at the local seven eleven, has impressed me with their diligence and commitment to doing their job as well as they can with enthusiasm, vigor and professionalism. It soon becomes obvious how this Island nation with no natural resources worked their way up to become the second largest economy in the world for so long (and probably pound for pound number one). While no people or place perfect, There is much the of us could from them and improve ourselves. Their subway is immaculate and extremely efficient and people are extraordinarily polite and well ordered. Even though the population density here is very high one does not see many of the social problems we have back home here. There is a real martial arts culture also – with many great martial arts schools all around. The level of Judo and Karate here is simply astounding. I am very proud to be a tiny part of the first big MMA here in Japan in many years. For such a long time Japan was a global leader in MMA development – it would be incredible if that could be brought back. Wishing you all the best from Tokyo and hoping this day took you all just another step closer to your martial arts dreams and goals!