in Tokyo!! Garry Tonon went to his fourth stoppage victory in his Burgeoning MMA career here in Japan at @onechampionship He took on talented Anthony Engelen a Dutch/Indonesian kick boxer. Early in the match Mr Engelen went to his strength with a strong low kick attack, giving Mr Tonon a reactive kick catch takedown. From there Mr Tonon put on a devastating display of grapple boxing – the integration of grappling and on the floor. Mr Tonon is a master of grappling after many years at the highest levels of the sport, tonight he showed his developing in grapple boxing and the intimidating of this mode of attack when well applied. It is hard to believe he has been competing in MMA for only one year. And training for only three additional months. In that time, four fights, four victories, four stoppages. I am incredibly impressed by the of his and the work ethic he has exhibited in making it possible. Here he is backstage at @onechampionship press conference area. Congratulations to Mr Tonon and @onechampionship for another amazing show. A big thank you to the amazing people of Japan – I am so hopeful that big time MMA can come back here to this great bastion of martial arts history and spirit. Wishing you all the best from Tokyo! Thank you all for your support and interest in our approach to learning and training! To all my students back in NYC – see you soon! To all my Instagram followers – keep training hard and aiming high!