Mixed feelings: Waiting for my flight at Tokyo Narita airport bound for home. I’m sad to leave Japan. This is one of the most incredible places I ever traveled to. A nation of industrious, well ordered, hard working and well educated people. I have never seen a place where every person i observed was so committed to excellence in their work performance. Despite its immense size, Tokyo is the cleanest and safest city in the world – the world can learn much from this incredible island nation. It was incredible to be part of @onechampionship emergence into industry leadership in competition – this show clearly revealed the big steps they have made and how high a level many of their athletes are. Huge congratulations to Garry Tonon – that young man is so hard working and driven – he grinds though hardship and physical issues that would stop anybody else and finds a way to his goals – an inspiration to all of us. Still I’m happy to return to America and see my students and help get them ready for big upcoming challenges! There’s no place like and is always my favorite. Can’t wait to see the troops back in the basement of suffering and hope and get the room cracking again! Wishing you all the best from the land of the rising sun!