Great work by Craig Jones taking 3rd place at @kasaigrappling championships in New York City tonight! The outstanding Aussie grappler has beautiful submission finishes out of four matches to take the bronze medal in a stacked tournament here in NYC. The show itself was outstanding with upsets and at every turn – the tournament format creates great excitement and often produces unexpected results as the athletes have to make second judgements in a delicate balancing act between position and submission. Outstanding performances tonight from @kaynanduarte @texjohnsonbjj To get to the finals. Mr Jones will travel for a while in Africa before returning to New York in preparation for the ADCC world championships in September. He was joined by his loyal friend @izaakmichellbjj who came all the way from Australia to help out his buddy here tonight. I always love working with these globetrotting athletes from Down Under – it is deeply inspiring to how much progress they make working far from the known centers of Jiu Jitsu and how far they travel to compete and learn to themselves – we can all learn from that example. Hope you all enjoyed the show!!