Fast progress: Ultimately I want you thinking about Jiu Jitsu in the long term as a lifetime study centered around self improvement, but let’s not kid ourselves, we all have a more short term goal to GET AS GOOD AS WE CAN AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Like any learning project, there will always be discrepancies in learning rates among different people, but I am very confident that all of us could be learning faster if we structured our training a little better. Sometimes the collusion of hard work, excellent attributes and sound training program can produce incredible results in a shockingly short time. This weekend @nickyrod247 who has done Jiu Jitsu for less than a year along with a year of wrestling at a D2 college took on and dominated a Black belt (and previous winner of brown belt world championships). The key is always to find a good balance between the need for and the need for DETAILS OF TECHNIQUE that enable you to actually in that direction. With regards direction, ask yourself what directions you want your Jiu Jitsu to go. What will you need to get where you want to be? What should you be focusing on both short term and long term? THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN ANY JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN IS A COMPASS because it does not matter how how much effort you put into walking and climbing and running – if you are going in the wrong directions you won’t get to your destination. As soon as that is determined (and this will largely be a reflection of who you are and what you want to do) then it’s all about fleshing out details of technique and practice. Get those two elements – direction and technique – and you will fly towards your goals like this young man!