Building a devastating arm bar: I always encourage my students to focus hard on the mechanics of their submission holds. Most of you know that I put the overwhelming majority of my time on six submission systems – Back system, Ashi garami based system, Kimura system, front head lock system, triangle system and arm bar system. While it is only natural that among these six systems everyone will have a few that they favor over the others, they have to be in all six so that they can the whole body from any scenario. The arm bar (juji gatame) is a submission i strongly emphasize in their training. It is a potentially devastating weapon that can be used with equal effect standing or on the ground, gi or no gi, too or bottom, or fighting. One very memorable application of juji gatame was a particularly powerful used by Georges St-Pierre in his third fight with the great Matt Hughes. Due to the fact that juji gatame usually requires some degree of prior positional work to get to the it tends to come at the end of a of takedown, guard pass, pin transitions and then the arm bar finish. That is exactly how Mr St Pierre used it in this fight. Done it this fashion it finishes a fight the way a full stop finishes a well constructed sentence. You can see here the arm breaking power of the move that has finished so many matches. Make a deep study of this submission – is your toughest matches it will always be one of your best weapons – a genuine fight ender as it was here.