A new look at the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu – GO FURTHER FASTER: Heading to NYC after a great weekend filming more content for the next instructional video series I am making in conjunction with @bjj.fanatics It will be titled and strongly emphasizes progress in Jiu Jitsu through a combination of concepts to give you direction and details to give you the ability to move efficiently in that direction. The first great challenge most in Jiu Jitsu face – and a challenge that will remain with you throughout your time in the sport – is the challenge of overcoming inferior position. Jiu Jitsu is not fun when you are constantly finding yourself pinned underneath people and totally unable to move into your attacks. Fundamentals must begin with the path towards mastery of and ESCAPE . Only when you are defensively sound will you be able to assert your offense. Keep your eyes out for some of the content we filmed today which we will put on YouTube for to check out and get your defensive game strong enough to show some of your offense!!