the impediments first to get to what you really want: Everything we do in the sport of Jiu jitsu is done AGAINST KNOWLEDGEABLE RESISTANCE. This has a simple yet crucial ramification. We cannot in the vast majority of cases, simply go straight to our goals. In almost every case we have to take an INDIRECT route that entails first REMOVING THE BLOCKS AND IMPEDIMENTS OUR OPPONENT PUTS IN FRONT OF THE THING WE WANT TO GET AND ONLY WHEN THOSE HAVE BEEN REMOVED THEN GO TO TAKE WHAT YOU WANT. We all have to develop a sophisticated arsenal of techniques and to those defensive barriers long enough to get to what we want. Here, Nicky Ryan wants to get to a leg to begin a sequence. That cannot be done until he removes the barrier of his opponent’s hands, arms and head. SO THAT IS WHERE HE BEGINS THE BATTLE – not at the legs- even though that is his primary goal. He initiates with wrist ties that can clear away defensive hands and arms. If he can then get past his opponents head, there will be little between himself and the leg he wants – only then will he go in. ALL OF JIU JITSU IS LIKE THIS – from takedowns to positional moves to submissions. Become a master of INDIRECT THINKING and enjoy your game go to a new level.