Demian Maia and Michelle Nicolini: The greatest representative of Jiu Jitsu in modern MMA, Demian Maia @demianmaia came by the blue basement to train with the squad today. This incredible athlete has flown the Jiu jitsu flag with tremendous distinction for so long – it was an absolute pleasure to watch him drill and spar with the juniors and even get some light MMA with Garry Tonon. He is a true role model for the sport – a gentleman fighter who represents our with and grace. There is something deeply impressive about an athlete who can really hold up the of Jiu Jitsu as a gentle amongst all the violence of the octagon and weave a tale of bloodless victories in a bloody sport. Also in town was the the great Michelle Nicolini @miznicolini who is also doing a very fine job of taking Jiu Jitsu into MMA. It is fascinating watching a great gi competitor make adjustments to the and from there into the game. I’m always proud to be involved in Jiu Jitsu and having two such great representing our sport in the worlds toughest always makes me even more proud. Wishing these two all time greats all the best from the basement in NYC!