If unity is strength – isolation is weakness: Perhaps one of the biggest themes of my Jiu Jitsu coaching is ISOLATION. As long as one of your opponents limbs is locked to another or to the torso, it will be very strong and difficult to attack. One of your primary goals in submission attacks, particularly locks, is to ISOLATE ONE FROM THE OTHER OR GET IT EXTENDED AWAY FROM THE TORSO. If you can do this consistently, you will submit many people. Whenever an attack on your opponent’s limbs is your goal – about the two critical aspects of isolation – separate one limb from the other and separate it from the torso. Both are required. Doing so will make strong opponents feel weak. Every scenario will require a different method of limb isolation so I cannot give even general guidelines as to how you will do this every you grapple, but the goal is easy to comprehend even if the means to it can be complicated. Still, this is a sport where WHAT YOU WANT TO DO is half the battle – and that’s always a solid start in the right direction