What are the most readily available moves and most commonly occurring scenarios in Jiu Jitsu? Whenever people ask me how to make make faster progress in Jiu Jitsu i always answer their question with a question of my own. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE ARE THE MOST READILY AVAILABLE MOVES AND THE MOST COMMONLY OCCURRING SCENARIOS IN THE SPORT? I listen to it whatever answers they give – almost always there is pretty widespread agreement about this as the facts are rather plain and open to be seen by all – and then I tell them – DEVOTE THE GREAT MAJORITY OF YOUR TRAINING TIME TO THOSE MOVES AND SCENARIOS AND WATCH YOUR PROGRESS ACCELERATE. A classic example is the front head lock. You show me any Jiu Jitsu match (especially a no gi match) that goes longer than two minutes and i will show you multiple opportunities for both to get to a front headlock. It is almost impossible to engage in a sport where the primary goal is to get a hold of people and control them without both people putting themselves in to take or be taken in a front headlock. Time invested in this or any other readily available move or scenario in the sport is this time well spent – you will be making use of the you develop every single time you train and compete. Here, @heysonnyy applies a superb high guillotine out of a front headLock to win her recent match at @kasaigrappling Despite a very short time in the sport she has deep of the due to our emphasis on building systems around the most commonly occurring systems and most effective moves so that valuable training time is not frittered away on that will rarely be used or which have only a low percentage chance of success if they are. Make your training time count the most by focusing upon the situations you are most likely to encounter and the moves most likely to succeed.