Active observation: When most observe Jiu Jitsu they do so as a spectator enjoying an event – as entertainment. That’s certainly an enjoyable way to spend your time – but you, as a student of the seeking to rise in skill level, must go beyond this. You must always seek to ACTIVELY observe Jiu Jitsu, that is, to see yourself as one of the combatants and actively anticipating in the action – asking yourself what you would be doing in those situations second by second. In this way you begin to your MIND in Jiu Jitsu in the same way you train your body every day. You will soon note that as the speed of your thought processes increase – SO TO THE OF YOUR BODY WILL INCREASE. Don’t be satisfied with just watching Jiu Jitsu. Go the extra and actively observe it every you get the chance. Make it your goal to understand WHY are doing what they do and what you would do in the same situation. You your body every day – why not your mind also?