Somewhere in that tangled there is both victory and defeat: perhaps more than any other grappling sport Jiu Jitsu often requires its athletes to get into complex limb entanglements for protracted lengths of time with opponents. Sometimes it is not obvious to an experienced eye who has an advantage. One thing however is sure – whenever this happens it is the athlete who can calmly and accurately ASSESS THE SCENARIO AND COME UP WITH A RATIONAL OF ACTION FASTER THAN THE OTHER FELLOW WHO WILL GENERALLY PREVAIL. There is a lot to be said for the ability to STAY CALM AND SOLVE PROBLEMS QUICKLY in this sport. Think about any kind of problem solving activity you have to engage in in your daily life. Has it ever been helped by getting emotional? By just doing the action that occurred to you? By just being inactive? Nope. Me neither. A calm mind is the beginning of all problem solving. However difficult it may seem, try to THINK your way out of problems and towards solutions rather than just move for the sake of moving. This is a habit that must be formed – it is not natural – is natural – calm rational thought in a frightening or frustrating situation is not. Next time you are in a limb entanglement deadlock – stop, breath, take in the situation and work as a problem solver rather than just aimlessly thrash about and become a problem exacerbator. Just this simple change is a big step towards maturity in your Jiu Jitsu.