A fundamental feature of Jiu Jitsu: One of the signature themes of good Jiu Jitsu and one which I constantly look to instill in my students is to ALWAYS SEEK TO FIGHT YOUR OPPONENTS WITH YOUR LEGS. This is probably the single best way for a weaker person to defeat a bigger stronger person. If you are a big strong person yourself, then it represents the most efficient way to win. The reason is simple – the human body as a big asymmetry built into it. The asymmetry between the strength of our lower body (quite impressive ) versus the strength of our upper body (not impressive in comparison). Our legs have massively greater strength, endurance and reach than our arms. The only problem is that they lack dexterity and coordination compared with arms – BUT THIS CAN BE OVERCOME IN BU TRAINING – and once you get around this, your legs will overcome even a bigger stronger ’s arms. IN ALL YOUR AND DEVELOPMENT – SEEK TO MATCH YOUR LEGS AGAINST YOUR OPPONENTS ARMS/UPPER BODY AND YOU WILL PREVAIL IN MOST CASES. This is why I greatly favor moves such as and arm bar – they are quintessential examples of this principle in operation. Here, outstanding squad junior Ethan Crelinsten uses a squad favorite – ushiro sankaku – the rear triangle – to use his legs to entrap and overpower his ’s head and arm in a classic expression of this critical theme. Make every battle you fight in a Jiu Jitsu a battle between your legs and his arms and victory will come to you often