Y2K Fundamentals back in NYC! In 1999-2000, My good friend and RGA comrade Shawn Williams and I started the beginners fundamentals at Renzo’s. Up till that point all were just whoever showed up and beginners were immediately crushed like insects by the more advanced maulers. It was a Darwinian approach to training that produced some very tough and skilled survivors but the attrition rate was extremely high. I loved teaching that fundamentals class all those years ago with Mr Williams, some of my favorite memories came from there – Georges St-Pierre was one of the original members (he used to do fundamentals and then immediately go to the advanced afterwards). The real magic of Jiu Jitsu is teaching timid beginners skills that let them do things they could never have done previously in a physical confrontation with opponents in a fairly short period of time – and that magic begins in fundamentals class. Imagine my surprise when Mr Williams came back out of the blue to New York City this weekend and we taught the advanced Saturday morning class together like old times – only now it was the cutting edge material used by the squad. I’m excited to release a new video in next few weeks covering fundamentals so it was a blast talking about the old days learning the trade as a Jiu Jitsu teacher and how my views on fundamentals have changed in some ways and held fast in others. One thing is sure – even the most most advanced i teach always make reference to the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu- for without them advanced material is like a beautiful house built on weak foundations – pretty to look at but liable to collapse and fall under stress. Here, I tie together fundamental such as inside positioning with some advanced entries into leg locks from guard position to demonstrate the marriage of fundamentals and advanced Jiu Jitsu.