in action: @garrytonon had his last NYC workout today – back to back grappling and shoot boxing (kickboxing with takedowns) work outs. It is a fascinating thing to watch his assimilation of striking technique and its blending with grappling. For so long the martial arts were heavily divided between striking arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, most Kung Fu styles, Tae Kwon Do etc and grappling arts, Judo, Wrestling , Jiu Jitsu etc There was some superficial overlap, but nothing serious. It is a wonderful thing to live in an age where the integration of the two has come back. Unarmed human combat has always had two methods of operation – KINETIC ENERGY – done through striking – and LEVER AND FULCRUM applied through grappling. The historical pattern of martial arts has been to divide them. There have been great exceptions such as the Ancient Greek Pancration but for the most part grappling and fisticuffs were held apart. Yet the most challenging, the most exciting, the most effective and the most difficult art has always involved the integration of the two. I always encourage students to think of their Jiu Jitsu in relation to fighting, to keep up with MMA and study it, take not of the strengths and weaknesses of Jiu Jitsu in this arena, even if they never train or compete in it. It is a very instructive and gives a clear insight into the roots of Jiu jitsu. Tomorrow we are to and @onechampionship for another big challenge and another tough for Jiu Jitsu in a and tougher arena.