Victory in Singapore! Garry Tonon extended his unbeaten record in MMA here in Singapore tonight with a brilliant fifty five second victory in the first round. Mr Tonon wanted to recognition to our roots in the sport of submission grappling and win via one of our signature methods – leg lock. Drawing on his exceptional knowledge of our he latched on to a very tight ashi garami from an initial takedown attempt and switched to a stronger position – a variation of outside ashi garami – to quickly apply joint breaking pressure that ended the match immediately. Mr Tonon’s excellent work ethic and hunger to knowledge and train hard to turn that knowledge into skill was always the basis of his success in grappling and now it is bringing success in MMA. It’s been a remarkable first year for him – still a long way to for him because his dreams are big – but another great step forward here tonight. Wishing you all the best from Singapore! Thank you all for your support and interest in what we do! It was always our ambition to show that submission grappling and Jiu Jitsu can help provide a winning way in MMA and and Mr Tonon did a fine job of that tonight! Keep training hard and moving forward