Nicky Ryan back onstage in England this weekend: Nicky Ryan will take on superstar, the great Urijah Faber, this weekend at @polaris_professional event. The event features squad juniors, @ethancrelinsten and @nickyrod247 along with our friend @craigjonesbjj I always love the interface between grappling and and Mr Faber was a fine example of this. He was a very fine wrestler and long time student of Jiu Jitsu throughout his long and distinguished MMA career. I often find that many people badly underestimate the pure grappling of many athletes and when they see them in they are shocked at how good many of them are. I have witnessed many occasions where top grapplers were brought into fight camps and had a very hard time going against MMA stars even in pure grappling. Mr Faber has a great mix of wrestling and Jiu Jitsu and uses them very well together and has a fine guillotine attack on top of that. Mr Ryan has very refined technique but will have to overcome a significant strength of he is to prevail in this fascinating match up. @garrytonon is just off his latest MMA and is in England for coaching and cornering the youngsters (in between eating hamburgers and English pudding – I think he may be over three hundred pounds at this point). Keep your eyes on this event!!