Escapes – and physicality: I have said this before and will say it again – your psychological overall in any given match/fight is directly proportional to your confidence in your ability to physically handle the worst case scenarios of your sport. If you have no fear of the worst case scenarios, nothing else can faze you. This confidence doesn’t come out of thin air. It does not come from positive affirmations, help gurus, meditation, visualization, breathing exercises or any other hocus pocus fluff like this. It comes from knowing exactly what you are supposed to do in these situations and them every day until you find them easy to deal with. So the psychological attribute of confidence has physical roots. I make My students spend a LOT of time on Escapes – everyone has to work it every day – no exceptions, no matter what their level – and in competition it shows. That’s why they so fearlessly, because they know they can take risks without fear of bad consequences. In a crises nothing will help except KNOWING THE CORRECT THING TO DO AND HAVING SPENT THE TIME DEVELOPING THE PHYSICAL SKILLS TO ENACT THAT KNOWLEDGE SO THAT THE ESCAPES COME FLUIDLY AND NATURALLY.