Indirect attack: When you are engaged in combat with a neophyte, simple and direct best. Just use the simplest moves and set ups to get the job done. Overly complex moves don’t work well on neophytes as they lack the appropriate defensive reactions and simply don’t react to feints and subterfuge. However, as the skill level of your opponents rise, you must more and more come to rely up the constant use of to get the breakthroughs you desire. A good rule of combat is this – WHEN BOTH COMBATANTS KNOW EACH OTHERS MOVES AND THE COUNTERS TO THEM, IT WILL COME DOWN TO WHO DOES A JOB OF DISGUISING THEIR REAL INTENTIONS PRIOR TO THEIR ATTACKS WHO WILL PREVAIL. If you wish to attack in the left, feint to the right, if you wish to draw an forward, start by pressuring him backwards, if you wish to attack high on the body, feign a low attack first. Only by confusing an opponent as to your real intentions will you be able to consistently break through the defenses of a skilled adversary. Make a habit of always having a real intention when you go to attack, and an apparent intention you sell to your and onlookers. GOOD JIU JITSU DOES NOT RELY ON TRICKS FOR VICTORY – BUT IT DOES RELY UPON TRICKERY.