Unity and division: All of Jiu Jitsu operates along the principle of unity and division. The only way we can make our own bodies strong is to unify all the weight and strength we have and take it in a shared direction so that our whole body works in a coordinated shared purpose. The only way we can make our opponent’s body as weak as possible is to it up into parts that can be conquered. Only when we use our whole body in unison to our isolated and divided parts of our opponent’s body are we really expressing Jiu Jitsu. Look how Ryan’s whole body has latched onto his opponent’s and arm in an obvious mismatch of a whole body versus a part of another persons body. You must make this theme run throughout your game – for it is the only way you will be able to beat bigger and opponents. The good news is that most of the major techniques of Jiu Jitsu have this idea built into them – your goal is to further and build it into your personal to the greatest degree possible. Studying triangles is a good start – as this is a quintessential example of whole body versus parts of a body in operation. However you choose to manifest the principle, make it the philosophical core of your game and you will be a formidable threat to bigger opponents