Hand control: of the truly foundational skills of the grappling arts is GRIP. Only when you have come to grips with your opponent can you begin grappling. The basis of your grips and your opponents grips is their HANDS. As such, if we are to negate our opponent’s ability to us WE MUST MAKE CONTROL OF OUR OPPONENTS A PRIORITY – for if we can control his hands, we can control his grips, and if we can control his grips we can determine the and nature of his attacks. When we without the gi, typically we control the hand or wrist itself; when we train with the gi, we often the sleeve cuff as an indirect form of hand control. Learn to your gripping with control of your opponent’s hands and you will soon be able to shut down his ability to use his grips to further his attacks and then you will be able to on your own attacks without interference.