Will it in a fight? I am often asked whether or not certain techniques of Jiu Jitsu will work in a fight, whether MMA or a street altercation. Some techniques of Jiu Jitsu such as say, worm guard, really do require a specific type of clothing (something very close to a Jiu Jitsu uniform) and are thus not applicable to MMA and highly unlikely to ever apply to street situation. Nonetheless there are many other techniques that are seen as inappropriate for MMA and street fighting even though they do not require clothing or conditions similar to a Jiu Jitsu match. For example, people often claim leg locks as worthless for MMA and fighting due to the of being struck whilst trying to finish them. This always struck me as odd, as there are MANY examples of successful applications of leg locks in MMA going back a long time. I have seen many more pounded out while trying to attack from various positions in MMA than I have seen people punched out while attempting a leg lock, yet nobody says we should stop using guard position in MMA or fighting. In truth, it is not so much about WHICH techniques of Jiu Jitsu you choose to apply – all of them are capable of taking you to victory or defeat in their own way – rather it is much more about the SPEED/TIMING, MECHANICAL EFFICIENCY, TACTICAL MASTERY AND OVERALL COMPETENCE WITH WHICH YOU APPLY THE MOVE that will determine its success or failure. Success or in combat is much more about YOU than it is about which Jiu Jitsu technique you choose to employ. We all have our favorite techniques – don’t worry so much about what that selection is as you do about how good you are at performing whatever techniques you have chosen.